Selection of archived works

/11;11; 2019
Prix d'Art Robert Schuman
Villa Vauban, Luxembourg

Untitled 2019
Released in print on full page in 'Lëtzebuerger Land'
Photo by Peter Dibdin

All I C Is U & Me 2018
NVR 4 EVR 2018
W/U 2018
Un autre monde est possible
Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery, Luxembourg

Untitled 2018
Untitled 2018
Untitled 2018
Finders Keepers Surface Sweepers (solo)
Centre d'Art Dominique Lang, Dudelange (L)

Cluderer 2017
With works by artists rejected by the exhibition's curator
Treinnale jeune création Luxembourg et Grande-Région

Ν Ε Π Τ Ο Υ Ν Ο Ε Σ 2015
Composition made with collected waste dumping from the Kypseli neighbourhood, arranged on re-composed gallery furniture
SNEHTA Outreach Residency
Athens (GR)

To my Mr. Smith 2014
Composition with found sculpture (artist unknown) and artist monography

Belong 2013
Untitled 2013
Drawn Away Together
Talbot Rice Gallery (SCO)

Untitled 2012
Studio Work

Untitled 2012
Studio Work

Untitled 2010
Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

Lampedusa(s-w) 2009

Untitled 2008